Pork - A 2 Day Supper Meal Plan

Start by braising boneless pork chops in the oven, along with onions, garlic and convenient canned diced tomatoes.

While the chops gently simmer, bake some sweet buttercup squash on the shelf below.

When everything is tender, toss in some mushrooms to finish the richly-flavored sauce, and stir grated Cabot Extra Sharp Cheddar and sour cream into the squash. Steamed zucchini completes the meal. Set four of the pork chops aside to cool while you eat dinner, then shred them into a bowl and refrigerate.

Day 1: Pork Chops with Cheddar Squash

Day 2: Cheddar Corn Cakes with Pulled Pork

The next day, take pancakes-from-a-mix to new heights by adding cornmeal and more grated cheddar. Mix the leftover shredded pork with your favorite barbecue sauce to spoon on top, and serve with ready-made coleslaw.