Product Donation Requests

Make a Product Donation Request to the Farm Families

Please understand that we are a co-op, and as such we return all of the profits to the farm families at the end of each year.

The generosity of the 800 farm-families who own Cabot and their interest in supporting the communities in which they live and where they sell products allows us to offer donations.

The resources available for support are limited. Preference is given to first time requests from organizations that provide the greatest impact on the fabric of the community.

Be sure your event or organization meets the following criteria:

  • If you have received a donation from our farmers before, please know that we have to limit consideration of requests from the same organization to once every 2 years so that we may help others in need.
  • The event/organization must support community-related causes. We encourage requests from non-profits and volunteer driven organizations that support families in need or addressing hunger.
  • For national organizations with local chapters, we are only able to consider requests from the chapters in New England and New York.
  • Unfortunately, we are unable to support events or fundraisers that only benefit an individual or family.
  • We are also unable to support any religious or political groups or organizations.
  • Please make your request at least 6 weeks before the date of the event.

Please note that while your request may meet all the above criteria, Cabot receives 100’s of worthy applications each year, and unfortunately it’s impossible to honor them all. Because we are a co-operative, our first priority is to the farm families. Requests that provide maximum exposure to the farmers and their products are given preference.

Apply for a Product Donation Now

Are you a Foodbank or a Food Pantry?

If you are a Foodbank or Food Pantry interested in a donation, we have donated over 250,000 pounds this year and our donation inventory is depleted for now.  Later in the year, we will make donations as our inventory allows, especially in New York, New England and communities along the east coast where we have trucks traveling for delivery.

If you represent a Foodbank, Pantry or Community Group looking to purchase product, please fill out the form found here.