Richardson Family Farm

Hartland, VT

Richardson Family Farm has 65 Jersey milking cows and about 50 young stock on 450 acres in Hartland, Vermont. The farm is now home to the family's fourth generation. James and Gordon's grandfather purchased the farm in 1905, and their father bought additional land in the early '40s and late '50s. Gordon, Scott, and Reid operate the farm as a partnership. Their wives are involved, too. Gordon's wife Pat plays an essential role in financial management; Scott's wife Amy is one of the milkers, and works on the dairy-side everyday; Reid's wife Audrey helps manage the maple business. Scott and Amy's three sons, all teens, work on and help around the farm nearly every day, throughout the year. Gordon's sister Anita lives in the historic farmhouse and assists with various farm projects as well as keeping an eye on the rest of the busy family. Several other family members live close by and enjoy the farm on a regular basis.

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