Roasted Veggies - A 2 Day Supper Meal Plan

For supper number one, toss some cut-up veggies with olive oil and quickly roast them in the oven with whole cloves of garlic.

We’ve used sweet and colorful zucchini, carrots and red peppers, but mushrooms, onions, winter squash or green beans work well too. Roasting gives vegetables a richer flavor, and turns raw garlic into a mild and nutty accent for almost anything.

Boil some pasta, toss in a can of diced tomatoes, add half of the vegetables, flavor it all with grated Cabot Vermont Sharp Cheddar—supper is served!

Day 1: Penne with Roasted Vegetables

Day 2: Lentil-Veggie Soup with Cheddar Croutons

The thick and hearty lentil soup on the menu the next evening is on the table in no time. Just simmer the rest of the roasted vegetables with a couple of cans of lentils, a can of broth and some dried herbs. The veggies give the soup a deep flavor that suggests hours of simmering. While the soup warms, broil cheddar-topped ovals of French bread to float on top- they melt into the soup and add a hint of toasted cheese goodness.