Stewards of the Land: Springvale Farms

In operation since the 1950’s, Springvale Farms sits on 300 acres in the White Mountains of New Hampshire with just a small herd of 100 cows.

The farm is a Top Quality Producer Award recipient and owner Debora Erb is a member on the Agri-Mark Board of Directors. In 2010, she was appointed as one of 17 members of the national Dairy Industry Advisory Committee, a team created to offer suggestions on ways the USDA can best address the needs of the dairy industry.

As stewards of the land, the Erbs believe in supporting local farmers and maintaining the open landscape that makes New England so beautiful. They have been active proponents of the Keep Local Farms initiative and are founding members of the New England Family Dairy Farms Cooperative. They were also one of three pilot farms who assisted the Manomet Center for Conservation Sciences in creating an on-farm sustainability assessment tool, called the Vital Capital Index for Dairy Agriculture. This tool allows farms to measure what matters and establish a baseline of sustainability on farms.

In an effort to create a high-quality value-added product that would increase the sustainability of the farm and preserve agriculture in their town, the Erbs created Landaff Creamery where they produce the appropriately named award-winning Landaff Cheese, made from raw cow’s milk.

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