Seeking Greener Pastures on our Farms

Our dairy farmers are as noteworthy for their Yankee ingenuity as they are varied and colorful like the seasons of New York and New England.

The following farms below are just a few members of the Cooperative who work to ensure that more than just their pastures are green.

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Commitment to Sustainability

We know the importance of keeping a sustainable business model. In our commitment to our community, to our Farmers, and to our consumers, Cabot Creamery Cooperative is commited to sustainability.

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Are our impacts sustainable? ›

Too many sustainability metrics focus solely on performance, without any context. Context-based Sustainability (CBS) prescribes that, in addition to measuring our own impacts, we must compare our results to appropriate thresholds or standards of performance for those impacts. 

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The New England Green Pastures Award for "Outstanding Dairy Farm of the Year"

This award honors an outstanding dairy family from each of the six New England states each year. Nominees are evaluated based on production and financial management, environmental practices, contributions to agriculture and the local community, and overall excellence in farm management practices. See all the farms who have won the New England Green Pastures Award for Outstanding Dairy Farm of the Year.

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