Taylor Brothers Farm

Plainfield, NH
120 cows including 60 milking Shorthorne and Holstein

It was 1970 when Steve Taylor and his wife Gretchen bought a pair of calves and ten sheep and set them to graze on their grown-over hill farm in central New Hampshire. "It was really just brush land back then," recalls Steve. "It wasn't really good for farming. But my folks always kept livestock when I was growing up, and I wanted my kids to have the same experience." Over the years, not only did Steve's three sons; Jim, Bill and Rob grow but so did the Taylor Farm. After the decline of the domestic wool market in the early 1980's, the sheep that first grazed in their fields gave way to dairy cattle. Today, the herd stands at over 120. They milk about 60 Registered Milking Shorthorn and Holstein cows twice daily.

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