Tiashoke Farm

Buskirk, NY

Frank and Terry Ziehm raised their three boys, Brian, Eric, and Stuart on the Tiashoke Farm in Cambridge, New York, about 40 miles north of Albany. It's a big operation with about 580 milkers and 500 young stock. All three boys worked and played on the family farm as youngsters, and all three went on to attend Cornell University. Unlike many farm families, however, Frank and Terry kept the boys away from the farm during their college summers. They insisted that the boys work somewhere else, and they wanted them to explore other opportunities and have a chance to pursue other careers if they wanted. None did. All three boys returned to the farm, and they have now taken on management of the spread. Frank still works part time, which is to say about 60 hours a week, but he has transitioned all farm operations to the boys.

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