Tully Farm

Dunstable, MA
350 acres
125 milking cows

A Farmer’s Life and Legacy

Two days before he passed away at the age of 96, George Tully was on a tractor plowing the fields. George’s long and active life was devoted to his family, to his community and to the farm where his father was born in 1873. He and his wife June raised seven children on the farm while serving on many town boards and also founding the organization that became the Dunstable Rural Land Trust. They worked tirelessly to protect the town’s agricultural character and their grandson, Charlie Tully, who now runs the farm, shares that deep commitment.

George Tully was at the wheel until the end of his long life.
Charlie Tully inherited a deep commitment to the land.
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The Tullys run a logging enterprise as well.
Sharing our farm with others is just part of life as a dairy farmer, a part we take seriously.

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