Sustainability Scorecard

We have collaborated with Manomet, a non-profit whose mission is: applying science and engaging people to sustain our world, to pioneer a sustainability scorecard for our farmers.

Cabot dairy farmers are using this tool to measure sustainability on their farms. The checklist, otherwise known as the Vital Capital Index (VCI), establishes a baseline for the farms and allows them to decide where there may be room for improvement.

The triple bottom line of profit, people, and planet are at the framework of the scorecard.

The entire assessment has four main sections: awareness, practice, performance, and sustainability. These sections cover everything from farm management, to farmer and consumer wellbeing, to land stewardship. This useful tool is driving change leading to increased sustainability in the dairy industry. With over 100 questions, the tool is all encompassing and allows Cabot farms to address a wide range of sustainability topics.

Learn more about the Vital Capital Index:

  • Results from our Peer Review Virtual Dialogue on Convetit are captured in this infographic.
  • The latest version of the Vital Capital Index (Version 3.0, Peer Review) is available here, in its entirety, and in its sections: PeoplePlanet and Prosperity.
  • Results of the completed fielding of the Awareness module include the summary report, the related VCI version (3.0-Mod1) user guide and web toolFor developmental comparison, here is the prior VCI version 2.0.

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