Enhance Your Diet with Whey Protein

Since 1919, Cabot’s farm families have shared a commitment to making the highest-quality dairy foods, and Cabot’s Whey Protein comes directly from the fresh milk used to make these products.

Our team of registered dietitians recommend adding whey protein to your diet to help support a healthy, active lifestyle.

  • GREAT FOR POST-EXERCISE RECOVERY because it contains essential amino acids, including high amounts of leucine (2.5g per serving of Cabot Whey Protein), which is crucial for rebuilding and maintaining lean muscle.
  • MAY HELP COMBAT the effects of age-related loss of muscle mass, function and strength.
  • BEST USED WHEN CONSUMED throughout the day, and can help you feel fuller as part of a weight management program.
  • USE AS A BAKING SUBSTITUTION, 1 Tbsp. Cabot Whey Protein + 2½ Tbsp. water = 1 large egg. Use in fresh pasta, cakes, cookies, granola bars and baked goods.

Whey Protein Powder has more quality protein per ounce than other power foods.

Whey: 20 grams per 1oz – 100 calories
Egg: 6g per each – 78 calories
Chicken: 7g per oz – 68 calories
Almond Butter: 7 g per oz – 170 calories
Pumpkin Seeds: 9 grams per oz – 126 calories
Peanut Butter: 8g per oz – 167 calories

We’ve Got Recipes!

Whey Protein Powder can be used in many different ways. It is often used in smoothies or mixed with your favorite Cabot Greek Yogurt but we also have some special treats like our Peanut Butter Banana Pancakes  and our Vanilla Protein Crepes.

So what are you waiting for, find in a store near you today!


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