White Wine & Cabot Cheese Pairings

Is your white wine preference light and crisp or complex and oaky? No matter what kind of white you choose, you can pair it with a Cabot Cheddar and create a match made in heaven.

We all know that a tasty chicken dish calls for a fine white wine. We love to serve a chilled Chardonnay with this Cabot favorite – Chicken with Creamy Cheddar Rice. And what better pairing is there than fresh seafood with a great white wine. Try this delightful recipe for Crab Cakes with Horseradish Cheddar served with your favorite white wine for a delightful dining experience. Or for an appetizer that will surely impress your guests, try Cabot Seriously Sharp Shrimp Focaccia served with a dry white wine. Get Pairing and Enjoy!