Woodnotch Farm

Shoreham, VT

Gail and Loren Wood run Woodnotch Farm in Shoreham, Vermont, and it's a family affair. Loren's dad Leslie owned a family farm in New Hampshire, and Loren was raised milking cows, planting and harvesting crops, and learning the tools of dairy management. As Loren neared graduation from high school, he decided he wanted to farm with his father, so the family decided to purchase a larger spread. Loren and Gail married shortly after she completed college and he finished his studies at Vermont Tech, and they were soon raising four sons, now adults. All four; Lee, Leslie, Lance, and Loren Jr. work on the farm, along with Loren's younger sister, Sonya, and his nephew Trevor. Gail keeps the books, helps with the calves, and watches over an ever-growing brood of grandchildren.

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