8 Great Salads to Start Your Summer Off Right

Our most popular BBQ side dishes and salads from the Cabot Kitchens

There is so much to love about summer – longer days packed with outdoor fun, family gatherings around the barbecue, and of course, lots of tasty, wholesome fruits and veggies from the garden.

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Whether you grow your own or shop at a market – farmers’ or super – garden fresh ingredients are what can take your summer salad from dull to delicious in the time it takes to toss them together.

Cabot is featuring the most popular salads from our website to help you put together a super BBQ salad or a garden-fresh salad for a light main course – perfect for those hot summer nights.

This colorful and crunchy Broccoli Salad with Cabot Cheddar and Bacon is a tasty way to help your family and friends “eat the rainbow.” The dressing gets a little extra tang with the addition of Cabot Greek Yogurt and the bacon bits add just the right burst of bacony flavor.

Broccoli Salad with Cabot Cheddar and Bacon | Cabot Creamery

In Italy they call it “panzanella,” but here at Cabot we call this Summer Bread Salad scrumptious. It has the taste of the Italian countryside with its tomatoes and basil, as well as olives, bell peppers and cucumbers. The dressing – with lots of garlic and lemon zest – flavors the bread and veggies perfectly. And the addition of Sharp Cabot Cheddar completes this hearty yet refreshing dish.

Summer Bread Salad | Cabot Creamery

The next offering is our Mediterranean Chicken-Chickpea Salad, which turns a simple salad into a complete, and completely delectable meal. This is a perfect use for leftover chicken or you can use a rotisserie chicken from the store if you’re in a hurry. Add garbanzo beans, some garden veggies like tomatoes and peppers and a trio of herbs – parsly, mint, and oregano – for a meal with great Mediterranean taste that’s packed with protein and low in fat.

Mediterranean Chicken-Chickpea Salad | Cabot Creamery

Here’s one of the most popular recipes from the popular Cabot Creamery Cookbook. It’s a totally-out-of-this-world take on a classic. Our New England Potato Salad with Cabot Horseradish Cheddar is perfect for your next picnic, barbecue, or family gathering. It takes potato salad to a whole new level with the addition of Greek yogurt to the traditional mayonnaise dressing as well as our popular horseradish flavored cheddar.

New England Potato Salad with Cabot Horseradish Cheddar | Cabot Creamery

Is a pasta salad more your style this summer? Why not skip the typical macaroni salad and try this delightful dish, our Rotini and Jalapeno Light Salad with Lemon Vinaigrette. Like the name says, it’s light…but with a kick, which comes from the addition of Cabot Jalapeno Lite50 Cheddar. It’s loaded with south-of-the-border flavor, and as an added bonus, has less fat. There are so many great tastes in this salad you’ll want to make it again and again.

Rotini and Jalapeno Light Salad with Lemon Vinaigrette | Cabot Creamery

This next salad is simple yet sophisticated and looks like a work of art. Try this Arugula Salad with Cheddar Frico for maximum impact at your next gathering. The sharp, lacy bits of crispy Cabot Cheddar contrast in both taste and color with the spicy arugula and radishes. Dressed with an effortless Dijon and honey vinaigrette, this salad is summer perfection on a plate.

Arugula Salad with Cheddar Frico | Cabot Creamery

What could be tastier or more inviting on a hot summer night than this uncomplicated, colorful Green Bean, Cherry Tomato and Cheddar Salad? Abundant beans and tomatoes mean that these ingredients will be readily available and at the height of freshness. You’ll taste the bounty of a summer garden in every bite!

Green Bean, Cherry Tomato and Cheddar Salad | Cabot Creamery

We wrap up our summer salad favorites with ingredients from the grill and garden, which go together to create this superstar dish. Our Grilled Chicken and Bread Salad combines marinated grilled chicken breasts with hearty farm bread, tomatoes, olives, red onions, and fresh basil as well as Cabot Cheddar for a swoon-worthy summer meal.

Grilled Chicken and Bread Salad | Cabot Creamery

For even more delicious summer dishes – salads and sides with fresh, wholesome ingredients from the garden – check out this blog post, a round up of recipes from the talented food bloggers of the Cabot Cheese Board that will make summer meals a breeze.



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