Recipe round-ups, Farm Love, the Cabot Community, and a little just for fun.

Recipe Favorites from Our Farmers

The farm families who own our Co-op are best known for producing the fresh, rich milk that makes our award-winning dairy products, but they’re also creative cooks who turn those products into recipe magic. We’re excited to share three of their heartiest, cheesiest recipes, each including a recipe video in the… Read Recipe Favorites from Our Farmers »

Baking Bread at Home with Farmer Mary Whittier

Since 1945, the Whittier family of Sutton, Massachusetts has worked together to make good food for neighbors. In addition to their dairy herd, they run… Read Baking Bread at Home with Farmer Mary Whittier »

Cabot Farmers Support Mountain Biking

Over the course of more than one hundred years working with farmers and communities throughout New England and upstate New York, Cabot has always strived… Read Cabot Farmers Support Mountain Biking »

Cabot’s Co-operative Values

The founding farmers who formed Cabot Creamery Co-operative back in 1919 knew they were stronger together than they were apart. That spirit of togetherness, community,… Read Cabot’s Co-operative Values »

B Corp Month Calls for Something Delicious

In 2012, Cabot farmers made history when they became the world’s first dairy co-op to become a certified B Corp. The commitment was an easy choice… Read B Corp Month Calls for Something Delicious »

Baking with Farmer Brooke Gladstone

Baking with Cabot Farmer Brooke Gladstone  Take one look at the amazing cake creations handmade by Cabot farmer Brooke Gladstone, of Newmont Farm in Fairlee, Vermont, and… Read Baking with Farmer Brooke Gladstone »

Cabot Farmers’ Best Baking Recipes

Nothing beats the smell of luscious baked goods wafting from the kitchen, and our farmers embrace the winter weather by cozying up with their favorite… Read Cabot Farmers’ Best Baking Recipes »

Endless Variety Farm and Vermont Reindeer Farm

**Santa Spoiler Alert!** This Cabot Family Supports Santa Beyond Milk and Cookies At Endless Variety Farm in Barton, John Broe Jr. milks around 65 cows.… Read Endless Variety Farm and Vermont Reindeer Farm »

A-Mazing Corn Mazes at Cabot Farms

Labyrinths cut into fields or grown out of hedges have a deep history. These living plant mazes were created for amusement and even to test… Read A-Mazing Corn Mazes at Cabot Farms »

Keeping Soil Healthy for the Long Term

Cabot farmers are deeply connected to the land they work each day, the land that feeds their cows, feeds their families, and helps make the… Read Keeping Soil Healthy for the Long Term »
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