Recipe round-ups, #FarmLove, the Cabot Community, and a little just for fun.

Endless Variety Farm and Vermont Reindeer Farm

**Santa Spoiler Alert!** This Cabot Family Supports Santa Beyond Milk and Cookies At Endless Variety Farm in Barton, John Broe Jr. milks around 65 cows.… Read More »

A-Mazing Corn Mazes at Cabot Farms

Labyrinths cut into fields or grown out of hedges have a deep history. These living plant mazes were created for amusement and even to test… Read More »

Recipe Favorites from Our Farmers

The farm families who own our Co-op are best known for producing the fresh, rich milk that makes our award-winning dairy products, but they’re also creative cooks who turn those products into recipe magic. We’re excited to share three of their heartiest, cheesiest recipes, each including a recipe video in the… Read More »

Keeping Soil Healthy for the Long Term

Cabot farmers are deeply connected to the land they work each day, the land that feeds their cows, feeds their families, and helps make the… Read More »

League of Women Voters: Empowering Voters. Defending Democracy.

As the United States election season gets into full swing, we are reminded that voting is both a privilege and a sacred duty, hard won… Read More »

10 Smart Barn Facts

As our farmer-owned co-op celebrates its Centennial, and we step boldly into the next century of Cabot, our farmers—as they always have—are leading the way.… Read More »

Cornelius Blanding – Cooperator with a Mission

Cornelius Blanding is the kind of visionary leader the world needs right now. As the Executive Director of the Federation of Southern Cooperatives/Land Assistance Fund,… Read More »

Real Farm Power is the Future of Farming

Cabot farmers do more than produce the fresh milk for our award-winning dairy products. They’re industry-leading innovators who are pioneering next-century farm practices that improve care for cows, increase farm efficiency, and create renewable energy that supports… Read More »

Baking Bread at Home with Farmer Mary Whittier

Since 1945, the Whittier family of Sutton, Massachusetts has worked together to make good food for neighbors. In addition to their dairy herd, they run… Read More »

How to Compost in 6 Steps

Winter has only recently softened into spring in the Northeast, but the urge to get our hands into the dirt is strong. As any gardener… Read More »
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