Family Volunteering: The Importance of Volunteering with your Children

The farm families who own Cabot are often the first people in their own communities to give back. We believe that volunteering goes beyond the individual and helps to lift up not only the organizations that receive a helping hand, but also the surrounding communities, and the individual themselves who donate their time.

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Volunteering becomes even more impactful when you engage your children. Volunteering is a choice, and a very defining one that can become such an important part of who we are. When we learn this at a young age, everyone benefits!

Tina Engberg RV winner - Sope Creek Elementary School PTA, Marietta GA

Tina Engberg  – Sope Creek Elementary School PTA, Marietta GA

Here are 10 things that you can share with your kids when volunteering as a family:

1. When you work together, you can make your community a better place for everyone.

2. When you help others, you feel good!

3. Families work well together, and they make great teams.

4. When you give to others, you feel rewarded.

5. You become more cultured.

6. You learn new things about people that are different from you.

7. Try new things you normally wouldn’t, and you will learn new skills.

8. A great way to stay active instead of stationary – keep moving!

9. Learn how to keep commitments and be responsible.

10. Even the smallest actions can have a large impact.

Lynsey Gottselig - Leon County Humane Society

Lynsey Gottselig – Leon County Humane Society

Our friends at Points of light have put together some great resources for families that want to volunteer together, and what better time to start than now! Family Volunteer Day is right around the corner, so click here to learn more about how you can get involved in your own communities.

Mimi Castaldi - Take and Play Workshop with the DC Promise Neighborhood

Mimi Castaldi – Take and Play Workshop with the DC Promise Neighborhood

It’s never too early to talk to your kids about how good it feels to be a part of something bigger and to contribute to the good of your community. And we all know that children watch and learn, so your good work is already teaching them how much it matters. However you and your family choose to get involved, volunteering will have lasting benefits for your family and your community.

Cabot Creamery is proud to support your volunteer efforts with Reward Volunteers 6.0. With RV, you can log your volunteer hours and win lots of great prizes, as well as money for your organization! Learn more by visiting and start logging your hours today.

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