True Celebrity: Slices of Service

Much like dairy farmers’ daily chores on the farm, the ways in which people can serve their neighbors are varied. On the farm, daily chores keep the farm running, cows producing high quality milk, and award-winning Cabot cheese on store shelves. In the community, service to neighbors creates a vibrant atmosphere that improves lives.

What do we mean by variety?

Points of Light and the HandsOn Network are a good example. They help connect people with volunteer opportunities in their area. People like Bill Hayden, who after a decorated career in the United States Navy, created the STARBASE Victory program to inspire student interest in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics at an early age.

Bruce Wood

Bruce Wood helping veterans.

Bruce Wood was so inspired during a Wounded Warrior house build, he launched a program through Volunteer Prince William to transport veterans to doctors’ appointments. For Becky Bongiovi and Karen Bryant a love of cooking brought them to Jersey Cares hoping to help those in need eat healthy on a budget.


Becky Bongiovi and Karen Bryant at their cooking class.

Jane Barrett is working to save her local park from invasive plant species killing off native trees through the Montgomery County Volunteer Center and Patty Bailey is showing how the power of pets can bring comfort to the elderly through the Pass it Along program.

In Philadelphia, there is something special happening at Rosa’s Pizza. Mason Wartman’s pizza shop started encouraging people to buy an extra slice, in the form of a post-it note IOU. The large homeless population in the city can use the post-it to get a slice.

Mason Sweatshirt

Mason Wartman at his pizza shop.

More than 30,000 slices of pizza have been paid forward to those in need. Beyond feeding the hungry, the program is breaking down barriers and stigmas around homelessness.


Paying for pizza with a post-it.

These Cabot Community Celebrities are all doing very different things, yet they all involve a hands on approach to improving their communities. They are helping the elderly and those who have served our country, inspiring the leaders of tomorrow, creating healthier meals, defending the environment and feeding the homeless.

It really is amazing what can be achieved when everybody plays a small part to benefit the bigger picture. What will your part be?

The farm families who own Cabot often volunteer in the communities in which they live and they hope to inspire others to do the same. The Cabot Community Celebrity Cruise was created to honor outstanding individuals in communities across the country committed to changing lives for the better. Over the next few months we will put the spotlight on these celebrities, who can inspire us all into action.

Cabot Creamery Cooperative and their partners are working to evolve the notion of celebrity as recognition of community service and volunteerism. The 1200 farm families who own Cabot Creamery Cooperative are often the first to volunteer in their own communities and that spirit of giving back permeates all we do. The Cabot Community Celebrities, along with our Reward Volunteers program, and the traveling Cabot Gratitude Grille illustrate the many ways our dairy farm families honor, amplify, and reward those who give time to do good.  Even simple acts can lead to big change. We are proud to work with sponsors such as AARP/Create the Good, National Cooperative Bank and the Points of Light’s Hands on Network to celebrate these good people for their good deeds and build networks of help that can last a lifetime.

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