Learn How You Can Be Rewarded For Volunteering

Are You An Active Volunteer in Your Community?

Join Liberty Hill Farm and many others as we reward volunteers for the time spent volunteering in their community. Track your time and earn rewards for your efforts!

Visit to log activity and encourage friends to get involved by sharing your efforts online.

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Meet the Cabot Fit Team

Are you interested in Health AND Fitness?  

The Cabot Fit Team is a group of individuals chosen by Cabot to join the dairy farm families in an effort to increase awareness about the importance of wellness through nutrition and exercise.

Stay in touch and you could join us in our next race!

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Cabot Supports Parent Teacher Organizations

We Support Parent Teacher Organizations

We are pleased to offer our support for parent volunteers, events, and fundraisers with resources, samples and much more at no cost to you.

We hope you'll take the time to learn more about the different ways we can support your efforts.

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Cabot Farmers Feeding Volunteers

Farmers’ Feeding Volunteers Everywhere

The Farmers' Gratitude Grille is a full service traveling kitchen where Cabot chefs prepare healthy delicious meals to feed hungry volunteers. 

The Gratitude Grille was conceived by the farm families who own Cabot, to thank volunteers and community-service-based organizations, for the work they do in supporting and sustaining their communities.

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Public Broadcasting Support

Public Broadcasting Needs?

Cabot Farmers have been long-time supporters of public broadcasting stations. We are pleased to offer partnership opportunities to stations to further their fundraising, membership, and volunteer efforts.

Send us some info and learn more about how we can support you!

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Celebrating Cooperatives, Volunteerism and Community

Join the Community Tour

The Cabot Community Tour is a celebration of cooperative spirit, wellness, and volunteerism.

Along the tour we support local businesses and groups who are doing good for their communities.

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