Our Community

We’re pretty lucky.

We get to live in the kind of place where you know your neighbors, where you wave to people you pass on the street or in the car whether you know them or not.

Our farms and the towns they surround have been connected for a long time. We depend on our communities, and our communities depend on us.

We’ve been a co-op since 1919, but many of our farms have been around for even longer than that. And many of our families have been working their land for generations. Our kids go to school here, in buildings our ancestors helped build. We’re proud of that. We’re proud to be rooted in our communities. 

So that’s why we open our farms up and celebrate with friends, neighbors, and whoever else wants to stop by. That’s why we hand out cheese at events and grill up meals for volunteers. That’s why we teach kids all about fresh food and the importance of farms.

Supporting our communities matters to us.

Of course, in a powerful way, all this depends on you, too. Here’s how we see it: we love making the best cheddar in the world, and if you love our cheese, well, then that means we get to keep doing it. You’re a big part of this community, and we’re grateful for your support.