Our Department of Gratitude is gearing up for a Summer of Thanks

Cabot farmers have always known the importance of giving back and volunteering in their communities. And in spite of their dawn-to-dusk duties on the farm, they have always made time to volunteer – on town councils and in hospitals, senior centers and animal shelters, food banks, and firehouses. It is in that spirit that they have created the Cabot Traveling Ambassadors.

If you’ve landed here, it’s likely that one of our enthusiastic cheese envoys has given you the gift of the World’s Best Cheddar – a little Cabot tradition we like to call Random Acts of Cheddar or #RAOC on social media.

Cabot’s Traveling Ambassadors will be visiting volunteer organizations, non-profits, and service groups as well police and fire stations across the country, to thank them for all they do to make the world – and their cities and towns – better. We can’t think of a more heartfelt way to say thank you than with Cabot’s award-winning cheddar, made with love from our farm family owners to you.

You never know where we’ll turn up – be on the lookout for the Cabot plaid van.  And be sure to share a picture with us on your favorite social media channels and use the hashtag #RAOC.

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