Do you know someone who is contributing to making your community a better place?

Nominate someone who is volunteering, or simply making their community better in any way, large or small. Your nomination will make them eligible to receive a Random Act of Cheddar.

What’s even better – if your nominee is chosen, you will also receive a Random Act of Cheddar.

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Here’s how it works:

Each month we will honor fifty nominees with a Random Act of Cheddar. If your nominee is chosen, we will email you a $25.00 Gift Box Gift Certificate to share with your nominee. The gift certificate is redeemable online.

If your nominee is chosen, you will also receive a Random Act of Cheddar. Your gift box will be mailed directly to your home address provided in your submission.

Cabot farm families know that a strong community is a successful community. That is why our farmers are not only active volunteers where they live, they also support and honor  neighbors who make their communities better – every single day. The Cabot Department of Gratitude was created to help our farmers repay their own good fortune forward.

In past years, our Department of Gratitude sent Cabot Ambassadors out into communities across the country to perform Random Acts of Cheddar, recognizing volunteers, non-profit workers and anyone they see trying to make the world better. They have handed out cheese to nurses and firefighters, in soup kitchens and to people in line waiting to vote.

These random acts of caring are a small way for Cabot to say “We see you. We appreciate you. We support you.”

In March the world changed. Cabot knows that with change comes growth. Farmers are nothing if not problem solvers and our solution here at The Department of Gratitude was to take RAOC online.

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