Tomato Basil Mac & Cheese

Macaroni & Cheese has long been a crowd pleaser. This Tomato Basil Mac & Cheese version by Chef Jimmy Kennedy incorporates the fresh flavors of summer with Cabot Extra Sharp Cheddar (or Cabot Alpine Cheddar). It’s a new take on the cheesy, classic original that couldn’t be easier…or tastier, and it’s perfect when you have many mouths to feed!

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Instant Pot - Butter Chicken

This Butter Chicken recipe is a real game changer using the countertop pressure cooker! The deep flavorful curry is sure to be added into your regular dinner rotation. 

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Pimento Grilled Cheese

Pimento Cheese is a classic Southern treat whose popularity has spread around the country. Cabot Chef Jimmy Kennedy – who lives in Vermont but was raised in the South – uses Cabot Cheddar and a bit of Cabot Greek Yogurt to make his Pimento Cheese extra special. Trust us, you’ll never buy store-bought pimento cheese again after making this recipe!

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Baked Beef Tacos with Cabot Shredded Cheese

Baked Beef Tacos

A family friendly weeknight meal. The texture of the taco shell and the melted cheese are to die for. Watch how to make them now!

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Mini Parmesan Chicken Calzones

Dough is wrapped around a flavorful chicken parmesan-inspired filling of chicken cooked in a fragrant sun-dried tomato sauce, shredded and mixed with the World's Best Cheddar.

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Muffin Tin Egg Cups (4-ways)

Check out four delicious takes on a breakfast classic—the perfect start to any day.  

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BBQ Enchiladas

Just about everyone loves the south-of-the-border flavors you’ll find in these Big Dish Barbeque Enchiladas, featuring Cabot Extra Sharp CheddarCabot Monterey Jack and Cabot Sour Cream. You may want to double even this big recipe because we guarantee it will have them coming back for more!

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